iConference 2013


I have the greatĀ privilegeĀ of working with June Ahn, Ph.D., Michael Gubbels, and Jinyoung Kim on Science INQuiry – SINQ. We developed a social media tool that helps to scaffold and distribute science inquiry processes for children. As part of our work, we are presenting our prototype at the iConference 2013 at the University of North Texas in Fort Worth, Texas. Our track is the Social Media Expo, sponsored by Microsoft Research’s FUSE Lab.

The official link to our work is here.

The abstract to our paper is below:

In this paper we describe SINQ, a prototype mobile social media (SM) application that utilizes social participation to guide learners through an everyday Scientific INQuiry process. The paper outlines the motivation for SINQ based on learning theories of scientific inquiry, the challenges associated with scientific inquiry learning within everyday settings, the design of SINQ to promote science inquiry, and the implications for design and learning with social media that we learned from this development experience.

Also, check out our video and poster for SINQ.


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